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OPINION: When Black parents benefit from school choice, it doesn’t perpetuate racism

The time has come for the very foundations of our country, good and bad, to face a reckoning; we’re dealing with long-standing racial disparities and injustices while trying to attain equity and equality, and the educational system is where it starts. In a recent column, Andre Perry said, “We must dismantle the structures that generate […]

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Charter schools aren’t measuring up to their promises

In 2008, a few years after Hurricane Katrina, school officials in Louisiana asked aspiring charter-school leader Andrew Shahan to consider taking over the failing Dr. Charles Drew Elementary School in New Orleans’ Upper 9th Ward. This story also appeared in The Times Picayune Shahan submitted a 170-page application, outlining his plans for Drew, which he […]

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OPINION: Charter backers can stop the NAACP moratorium — by meeting these four demands

Since the NAACP at its national convention voted on a resolution that placed a moratorium on charter schools, the backlash from charter advocates has been angry, well-financed and sometimes just plain mean leading up to a vote of ratification by the national board, which occurred this past weekend. By singling out the NAACP with multiple […]

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A haircut won’t end gun access, poverty or under-resourced schools. But let’s admit it comforts a desperate parent

“I see my child about to die every day.” That’s what one despondent mother told me when she phoned looking for help for her teenage boy; all she wanted was for her son to get out of the drug game. Tattoos, the smoke-blackened lips and sagging pants were the in-the-face reality experienced by this mother. […]

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“Educational Choice” is a slogan slick enough for Donald Trump

Donald Trump outlined his policy and philosophy for K-12 education in a speech at Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy (CASSA), a for-profit charter school in the largest city of battleground state of Ohio. The Republican presidential nominee and founder of Trump University accused Democrats of trapping black and Hispanic youth in failing public schools […]

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Black children deserve the stability that their neighborhood schools can offer, despite studies that may indicate otherwise

School closure is a tactic we don’t have to take. Under the new national education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act, states have been freed to employ strategies they deem fit just as long as they act on the bottom five percent. When we’re talking about improving urban districts, though, we always seem to land […]

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With the nation in turmoil, Ed Secretary King’s quest to diversify schools is the right pursuit

Here is something worse than the current racial tensions in New Orleans and other cities: The outcomes caused by racial biases in our policing, schooling practices and stark economic inequality between black and white families. Negative quality of life outcomes and racial strife evidence our failure to learn how to live together, which compromises our […]

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Do you really believe all children can learn? Then stop disciplining black students out of the system

If we viewed students as learners and not uneducable criminals, then we wouldn’t kick them out of schools. We certainly wouldn’t shuttle children through an adult justice system. Education’s original sin of not believing children are actually children erodes even the most strident of educators’ belief that all children can learn and should be educated […]