Community college district tries full slate of innovations, all at onceNEWS

Community college district tries full slate of innovations, all at once

Several conditions fuel Maricopa’s culture of reform. But the main reason it’s so feverishly trying new ideas is that it doesn’t have a choice.


Can universities be embarrassed into raising graduation rates?

Students at Purdue University. File photo. (AP Photo/Journal & Courier, John Terhune)
By Jon Marcus

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — It was the last day of student government elections at Purdue University, and junior Bobby Hadrix, running for class president, was doing some 11th-hour stumping on the campus oval alongside fervent supporters in bright red matching T-shirts. Although they hadn’t become an issue in the campaign, Purdue’s graduation rates had just […]


My son’s first day: 10 things I want my child to gain from schooling

Kiara McPherson and Jeremiah Hilliard, two students at Em Boyd Elementary, work on a science project. Students say they prefer the iPads to the desktop computers that they used to use in class.
By Andre Perry

Getting a great education is not about smartness. I picked the brown, leather high tops with the fluorescent green laces. Shoes make an impression on the first day of school. My son, Robeson, picked a Cars inspired backpack and a Planes lunchbox – school shopping. The small traditions that comprise the first-day build-up almost brought […]


How Duncan’s teacher reprieve aids students, Common Core, tests

Sydney Morris and Evan Stone
By Sydney Morris and Evan Stone

Test: It’s just a four-letter word for measuring skill, knowledge, intelligence, capacities, or aptitude. In public education lately, test has become another kind of four-letter word: one associated with stressed out students, angry parents and teachers fearful of losing their jobs. Testing has such a negative connotation that in New York City alone this year, […]


What it actually takes for schools to ‘go digital’

By Margaret Ramirez

Statesville, N.C. – As a hazy morning sun rises over the rural farm community surrounding North Iredell Middle School, the students take their seats and lift their MacBooks to start the school day. Soon, the glow of hundreds of screens illuminates each face in every classroom. Inside Skye Templeton’s seventh-grade Social Studies class, students are […]


Has this new online college program solved the MOOC problem?

Photo: Peter Taylor
By Timothy Pratt

ATLANTA – Dary Merckens was in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, several weeks before moving to Las Vegas. He was also entering his second month in a master’s degree program at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Merckens, who is 30, can take his education with him. That’s because he’s enrolled in Georgia […]


Will ‘creative’ and ‘hands on’ summer school foster a love of learning?

Ronald Bracamontes, 8, Christian Zaragosa, 9, and Jocelyn Buenrostro, 9, teamed up to experiment with paper airplane designs during a summer school program at Romero-Cruz Elementary in Santa Ana Unified. The team conducted nine tests on three designs to see which one generated the smoothest landings.
By William Diepenbrock

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Nine-year-old Sarahy Lopez’s silvery singing voice washed over the audience as her Goldilocks declared “so sorry” and “please give me a break.” But her pleas were slow to sway Baby Bear (Noe Lopez, 7) who growled, “I’d rather stay angry and eat her instead.” A few streets over, Lupita Martinez, 6, […]


Programs seek to lower cost of college textbooks

File photo. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)
By Laura M. Colarusso

If you were to ask Sandra Kerley how important it is that she’s able to get textbooks for free, she would tell you that this seemingly minor benefit is “life changing.” “It helps us pay the electricity bill,”said the 35-year-old Kerley, a third-year business administration student at Tidewater Community College in Virginia. “It helps us […]


Community colleges should be free

By Joanne Jacobs

Following Tennessee’s lead, several states are considering free tuition for community and technical college students. Community Colleges Should Be Free, editorializes Scientific American. Community colleges train technicians for jobs in leading-edge industries and serve as gateways to higher education for first-generation, minority and working-class students. The Tennessee Promise is showing the way. Starting next year, […]


Teaching computer science — without touching a computer

File photo. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
By Annie Murphy Paul

A group of children on a playground, each kid clutching a slip of paper with a number on it, moves along a line drawn in chalk, comparing numbers as they go and sorting themselves into ascending order from one to ten. Another group of children, sitting in a circle, passes pieces of fruit — an […]


Are the lazy days of summer killing our nation’s academic progress?

The banks of the Mississippi River, as seen from Great River Road State Park in the Mississippi Delta, where there is a dearth of structured activities for children in the summer. (Photo: Nick Chiles)
By Nick Chiles

DREW, Miss. ––Drive down a dusty road in the Mississippi Delta in July and you will quickly come across a familiar scene: Kids, walking. Out of the house, no particular destination in mind. Ambling along. But the walking may be better than the alternative: Stopping. It’s the stopping that gets you in trouble. “In the […]

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