At Newark school striving for turnaround, a 12-year-old’s fragile successNEWS

At Newark school striving for turnaround, a 12-year-old’s fragile success

From the nights Grandma Jean dried his tears as a little boy missing his mom to her constant presence at school events, D’Andre has seen the extent of her devotion time and again, and he couldn’t bear to let her down.


New Orleans charter schools not in any rush to rejoin local district

Sixth grade students Miracle Roberson, left, Darion James, and Brianetay Martin, right, read during literature intervention class at ReNEW SciTech Academy, a charter school in New Orleans, Thursday, Aug. 14, 2014. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
By Marta Jewson

It’s that odd time of year again in New Orleans when academically improving charter schools must decide if they want to stay with a special state system or rejoin the traditional Orleans Parish School Board. When the state-created Recovery School District took control of more than 100 schools in 2005, the public presumption was that […]


Is school reform progressive?

Peter Cunningham
By Peter Cunningham

At its core, to be “progressive” is to fight for the little guy against powerful forces of self-interest. Whether the little guy was a Kansas farmer whose earnings were manipulated by commodities traders in Chicago, a woman denied the right to vote, an underpaid working man seeking union representation, blacks oppressed by segregation, or a […]


How poorly designed classroom space puts student learning at risk

A 300 student classroom at University of Windsor, Canada.
By Lennie Scott-Webber

Space matters. For over 200 years we have been teaching in row-by-column seating. Many experts argue that this classroom style has conditioned both educators and students to ineffectively utilize space. Researchers have said that space affects human behavior in powerful ways. So it is striking to realize that in education, empirical research on space is […]


Technology skills only scratch the surface of the digital divide

(Photo by Sarah Garland)
By Jordan Shapiro

The realities of the “digital divide” are increasingly apparent. In a consumer culture that equates status with early adoption of the newest iPhone, access to new technology necessarily splits pretty clearly along socio-economic class lines. According to U.S. census data, for example, more than 30 million homes have no broadband access, most of them concentrated […]


Billions more in spending for school Internet connections under FCC proposal

Sunset Park Elementary School third grader Anaya Hardy, 9, uses an iPad during digital morning math at Sunset Park Elementary School in Wilmington, N.C., Thursday, Oct. 30, 2014. (AP Photo/The Star-News, Mike Spencer)
By Nichole Dobo

After months of pleas from the nation’s school leaders, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission agreed Monday that billions more dollars each year are needed to improve school and library Internet connections. Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed raising the cap on such spending by about $1.5 billion a year to support work to link nearly […]


Poor high schools in California lose 25 school days a year

By Jill Barshay

Students at extremely poor high schools in California on average lose roughly 25 more school days a year — almost 14 percent of the school year — than students at higher income schools do. Interruptions, substitute teachers and test prep account for a large portion of the lost instructional time, according to a UCLA study […]


Black kids lose when Democratic ed reformers act like Republicans

President Barack Obama visits first grade students at Gen. Clarence Tinker elementary school at MacDill Air Force Base, Fla., Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)
By Andre Perry

NEW ORLEANS – Republicans are winning the support of black Americans. But don’t give the GOP too much credit. Democrats have themselves to thank. And poor, black schoolchildren have little to be thankful for at all. Through the rhetoric of “choice,” “competition,” and “accountability,” the education-reform clique of the Democratic Party have been campaigning for […]


Graduation rates are down, not up, since economic downturn

What happened to students who entered college in 2008. Source: National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.
By Jon Marcus

University and college graduation rates have declined since the beginning of the economic downturn, according to a new report, even as policymakers prod universities and colleges to turn out more people with degrees. While enrollment has gone up since 2008, the proportion of students who graduated has gone down, the report, by the National Student […]


Colleges and universities charge more, keep less, new report finds

Georgia Regents University, formed from the consolidation of Augusta State University and Georgia Health Sciences University. (Photo by Georgia Regents University)
By Jon Marcus

Forced to keep discounting their prices as enrollment stagnates, U.S. universities and colleges expect their slowest growth in revenue in 10 years, the bond-rating company Moody’s reports. The squeeze could threaten further cuts in services even as tuition continues to increase. A quarter of colleges and universities are projecting declines in revenue, according to a […]


The painful backlash against ‘no-excuses’ school discipline

Erin Lockley, 12th grade student at Cohen High School. (Photo: © William Widmer 2014)
By Sarah Carr

NEW ORLEANS — From the moment Summer Duskin arrived at Carver Collegiate Academy in New Orleans last fall, she struggled to keep track of all the rules. There were rules governing how she talked. She had to say thank you constantly, including when she was given the “opportunity”—as the school handbook put it—to answer questions […]

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