Early Education

Providing children with the experiences they need to succeed in school before starting kindergarten is critical. But what should those experiences be? Who should pay for them? As parents, school leaders and policymakers struggle to answer these and other questions, we cover what’s working, and what’s not, in early education.

young children with disabilities

Where do kids with disabilities go for child care?

The child care desert is especially pronounced for kids with disability, report finds

STEM in early childhood

Making every lesson a STEM lesson

Legos, toothpicks and toy cars are key to teaching science and math early

struggling readers

The game that can spot preschoolers at risk for reading deficits

New screening app can identify struggling readers as early as preschool

You probably don’t have your preschooler thinking about math enough

Report finds many parents underestimate their preschooler’s math ability

male early childhood teachers

What is it like to be a male teacher in early ed?

Only 3 percent of early ed teachers are male. Here’s how to change that.


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talking to kids about race

Too few parents talk to their kids about race and identity, report finds

Ten percent of parents discuss race often with their children

high quality preschool programs

How Cleveland revamped its preschool programs in just five years

Enrollment in high-quality preschool is up after dramatic community-led effort