STUDENT VOICE: Building things made my education feel relevant

The high school that started my turnaround

writing instruction

Scientific evidence on how to teach writing is slim

14 high-quality studies of writing instruction point to "exciting, social and noisy" classrooms

OPINION: Separating ‘gifted’ children hasn’t led to better achievement

The inherent dangers in telling students that their abilities are fixed

childhood literacy

Mississippi made the biggest leap in national test scores this year. Is this controversial law the reason why?

Education officials credit efforts an increased focus on childhood literacy, including a controversial retention policy, for the academic gains.

U.S. education achievement slides backwards

Substantial decrease in reading scores among the nation's eighth graders

A high school graduate raises his diploma in celebration as he walks back to his seat during a commencement ceremony Wednesday, June 10, 2015, in Pittston, Pa.

OPINION: More Latinx students gain diplomas on time thanks to ‘early college’

The next step? Legislative support to scale nationwide opportunities


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black male students

Some evidence for the importance of teaching black culture to black students

A separate class for black boys led to improvements in dropout rates, study finds

OPINION: How ‘juvenile-justice’ schools harm one group in particular: Native American youth

States should increase communication and collaboration with local tribes to ensure culturally relevant programming

social-emotional learning curricula

A school district wades through a deluge of social-emotional curricula to find one that works

Concern about the quality of social-emotional programs is rising — but one Virginia school sees academic success by focusing on students’ emotional wellbeing