Andre Perry

After Trump victory, black professors speak out about the routine racism of academia

Even on “liberal” campuses, black academics don’t feel secure, and even less so now

How can education reform the minds of Trump voters?

America is no more racist, sexist and nationalist than it was a day before the GOP victory

My son’s only president: Obama let black children see their own possibilities

Diverse representation benefits the highest office in the land

Lessons from NOLA: Ailing Mississippi district should be wary of charter schools

"Don’t allow a financial storm to be your Hurricane Katrina, the disaster that led to dismantling the public school system in New Orleans."

Black children deserve the stability that their neighborhood schools can offer, despite studies that may indicate otherwise

Lockers are wired shut in the mostly abandoned Drew High School building in Mississippi, which was closed in 2010. Photo: Natalie Griffin/News21 School closure is a…


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Special “wraparound” services do a lot for black children – but they aren’t the solution to bad policy decisions

Tina Brown, executive director of the Overtown Youth Center, with Andre Perry. Photo: Maya Darasaw, MAD Works Photography We’re not going to “non-profit” our way out…

Even preschool teachers can be guilty of racially stereotyping black babies

Perception is a matter of life or death. Now, a new study from Yale University delivers the news that even black babies suffer the burdens racial stereotyping inflicts. Preschool educators’…