David C. Bloomfield

Another one bites the dust? How the policies that landed Supt. Deasy at LAUSD could also cause his undoing

Los Angeles Schools’ Superintendent John Deasy has discussed terms of a possible exit from that post, according to news sources, ahead of his Oct. 21 performance review. Deasy was appointed in 2011 and his current contract runs to June, 2016. Despite this, LAUSD’s Deasy bio still says he’s “a man on a mission” who’s “championed […]

Is Carmen Farina the cowardly lioness? Why the NYC chancellor of schools needs to get tough

“Carmen Fariña is the principal everybody loves to fear,” began a 1999 Times profile of the current chancellor when she ran the Upper East Side’s P.S. 6 “with a no-nonsense style and gets results through Darwinian selection.” Where is that woman with the “imposing character”? Instead, we have someone consistently describing herself as a grandmother, […]

The new face of teacher unionism in New York City and beyond

I knew Al Shanker, Mr. Mulgrew, and you’re no Al Shanker. Would Al Shanker have agreed to let at least 200 schools, thousands of teachers, exit the basic UFT contract? Would Al Shanker have allowed differentiated teacher salaries beyond the classroom rank (and what highfalutin titles!) from mentor, to ambassador, to master; management titles —management! […]