Liz Willen
Liz Willen is editor of The Hechinger Report and director of The Hechinger Institute. She is a former senior writer focused on higher education at Bloomberg Markets magazine. Willen spent the bulk of her career covering the New York City public school system for Newsday. She has won numerous prizes for education coverage and shared the 2005 George Polk Award for health reporting with two Bloomberg colleagues. Willen is a graduate of Tufts University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, and an active New York City public school parent.

Where will teachers be in the classroom of the future?

An exuberant crowd of ed tech investors, entrepreneurs and their publicity staffs are converging at the ASU/GSV summit in Arizona this week, with claims that tech tools can transform education and solve the achievement gap. Venture capitalists will be out in force at the innovation summit also known as “Davos in the Desert,” and they’ll […]

Can voters force Mississippi to cough up cash and fund schools?

JACKSON, Miss. – Year after year, school officials in this poor and largely rural state say they scramble to stock classrooms with basic supplies like textbooks and pencils. They seek donations from outside groups and wonder if they’ll ever have enough money to hire coaches and classroom assistants. Now, a newly formed group is taking a fresh […]

What do teachers want even more than new technology? Training on how to use it

Austin, TX. – With apps for everything from annotating poetry to understanding literature through hip hop, it might have seemed teachers in attendance at the sprawling South by (SXSW) festival last week were hungry for new tools and technology. After all, a dizzying menu of new classroom technology prevailed; there was even an interactive […]

Should higher education produce happiness? Or should college focus on jobs and productivity?

Austin, Texas — In the midst of a passionate discussion about the future of higher education here on Tuesday, one young man stood up and wanted to know if the goal of higher education is to make people productive – or to make them happy. It was an unexpected query for a panel entitled: “Can […]

So how are college graduates really doing? A few schools are willing to tell us

A word rarely uttered on college tours sits atop the website of St. Olaf, a small liberal-arts college south of Minneapolis with an annual estimated cost of $51,860. Next to clickable categories about arts and athletics appears the unlikely word “outcomes.’’ And if you click on the word, a headline materializes promising “The Return on […]

Could New York’s Pre-k plan pit politics and posturing above kids?

A quick glance at New York headlines this week reveals a somewhat ironic fight about pre-kindergarten, a topic of huge importance to educators and families that under normal circumstances gets little press coverage. But take distinct and dueling plans from two powerful New York Democrats — the city’s liberal, let’s-tax-the-wealthy Mayor Bill de Blasio vs. […]

ANALYSIS: New NYC schools chancellor wants dramatic – even joyful — departure from Bloomberg era

In a city where politicians and some educators are obsessed with raising test scores, New York City’s new schools chancellor Carmen Fariña stood beside her new boss this week and used a word rarely mentioned in the heated rhetoric of reform: Joy. Joy?! “Joy has been really been missing in the last few years,” the […]

For returning veterans, back-to-school brings new battles – and not enough help

When veterans come home from war and try to put their lives back together, there’s often a giant missing link in their transition: Clear advice on getting back to school and managing the next phase of their education. “Where you are going next is a huge hole in the system, and there is no entity […]

Common Core confusion: Why a misunderstood reform needs crisis management

The Common Core needs a public relations makeover—quickly. In the last few days, the new set of tougher math and English language standards for grades K-12 has suffered a spate of bad publicity that could undermine its very purpose—and turn off an already skeptical public. Never mind that there is still plenty of confusion about […]

What exactly does ‘blended learning’ look like? This video explains

The term “blended learning” is fast-becoming one of the education buzzwords that you will hear at conferences and in news articles. Some call it digital learning or “personalized learning,” which is another way of describing how teachers can work with students at their individual skill level and deliver real-time instruction as needed — with the […]

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