talking to kids about race

Too few parents talk to their kids about race and identity, report finds

Ten percent of parents discuss race often with their children

college degree

More students are leaving college without a degree

More future jobs will require a college degree, yet more students are dropping out with no credential

Student borrowers

OPINION: Let’s make the FAFSA required for a high-school diploma, to increase college enrollment — and more counselors wouldn’t hurt either

Easier forms, with more help in completing them, would reduce obstacles in federal student aid applications

writing instruction

Scientific evidence on how to teach writing is slim

14 high-quality studies of writing instruction point to "exciting, social and noisy" classrooms

OPINION: Separating ‘gifted’ children hasn’t led to better achievement

The inherent dangers in telling students that their abilities are fixed


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childhood literacy

Mississippi made the biggest leap in national test scores this year. Is this controversial law the reason why?

Education officials credit efforts an increased focus on childhood literacy, including a controversial retention policy, for the academic gains.

high quality preschool programs

How Cleveland revamped its preschool programs in just five years

Enrollment in high-quality preschool is up after dramatic community-led effort

TEACHER VOICE: Finding civility in an eighth-grade civics classroom

'I threw the original syllabus out the window and changed my approach'