Jill Barshay

Does a lack of executive function explain why some kids fall way behind in school?

New research sees multi-year academic difficulties from executive function problems in kindergarten

For-profit colleges lose when two-year colleges offer B.A. degrees

Traditional four-year schools see boost in degrees when community colleges compete

A student in the Mississippi Delta raises his hand during class. More than 40 school districts in the state, including many in the Delta, lack qualified teachers.

National test scores reveal a decade of educational stagnation

Signs of growing achievement gaps, but strong gains for Florida

How much would it cost to get all students up to average?

Most low-income schools don't receive enough money to help kids hit average math and reading scores, a new study shows

Most immigrants outpace Americans when it comes to education — with one big exception

A new study shows that most newcomers to this country and their descendants earn degrees beyond high school but some Hispanics still lag behind

Why talking — and listening — to your child could be key to brain development

A new neuroscience study finds that back-and-forth conversation is related to brain activity and verbal aptitude

iZone mentor Diedre Downing, a math teacher at NYC iSchool in Manhattan, walks Blended Learning Institute participant Juliana Matherson through Google' Autocrat application on July 18, 2014 in Manhattan. Autocrat lets teachers give custom feedback to students after an online assignment. The New York City Department of Education's Blended Learning Institute is a two-year training program taught by current classroom teachers on how to use the part digital, part traditional classroom style. (Photo: Alexandria Neason)

Does every teacher need a coach?

A new analysis of 60 studies on teacher coaching finds that benefits dissipate as coaching programs attempt to reach more teachers


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Hunter College junior Raymi Echavarria is spending the summer making sure students from her old high school in Brooklyn make it to college this fall.

New research offers hope to first-generation college grads

Pay stubs of first-generation students match those of wealthier peers

How to help students avoid the remedial ed trap

A new study highlights some promising reforms but also points out obstacles

Researchers can predict when a student’s mind is wandering. What should we do about it?

Personalized learning software reveals that human intuition is often wrong about what mind wandering looks like