Jill Barshay

Gifted classes may not help talented students move ahead faster

Survey finds emphasis on developing "creativity" and "critical thinking" instead of acceleration above grade level

Wallace principal pipeline

Study finds that new principals can boost student achievement — with a little help

But uneven benefits raise questions on lessons learned from $85 million Wallace Foundation project

Higher salaries for ‘breaking bad’ in the classroom

Adult payoffs for those who misbehave at school

Niños inmigrantes aprendieron inglés en la mitad del tiempo cuando repitieron 3.° grado

Generalmente, las políticas de repetición obligatoria no resultan efectivas. Pero este importante estudio demuestra que aplicar la repetición de grado en estudiantes de tercer grado, quienes están aprendiendo inglés (y, como resultado, apoyarlos exhaustivamente), podría resultar efectiva

perfect attendance certificates

When school rewards backfire

Perfect attendance certificates didn't work in California and sometimes caused harm

education research

The dark side of education research: widespread bias

Johns Hopkins study finds that insider research shows 70 percent more benefits to students than independent research

Research scholars to air problems with using ‘grit’ at school

The author of the popular concept says it was never intended as a way to raise grades


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social-emotional learning

A cheaper, quicker approach to social-emotional learning?

Harvard researcher to put her "kernels" to the scientific test in California

The classrooms for the Teach to One program include many teachers and students in a wall without rooms. Furniture is used to create nooks for small groups.

New study casts doubts on effectiveness of personalized learning program in New Jersey

Results highlight debate over how to measure what's working in the classroom when kids are learning different things

student poverty

How a federal free meal program affected school poverty stats

Student poverty rate increased only 2 percentage points after schools adopted a new lunch program for all, a Missouri study finds