Jill Barshay

working in college

The paradox of working while in college

Work interferes with studies but boosts adult earnings, researchers say

educational technology

Research shows lower test scores for fourth graders who use tablets in schools

Reboot Foundation questions the use of technology in education

school integration

A scholar revives the argument for racial integration in schools

A conversation with Berkeley's Rucker Johnson about unintended consequences, charter schools and the data debate

achievement gap in education

Inside the Reardon-Hanushek clash over 50 years of achievement gaps

Stanford scholars disagree about academic gaps between rich and poor students

charter schools in boston

Lessons from Boston: “no excuses” charter schools kept boosting student test scores after expansion

Researchers find a possible model for how to allow the charter sector to grow

Third consecutive year in school spending increases marked a “full recovery” from the recession

California drove national spending increases in education while New Jersey retreated from earlier efforts to give extra money to low-income schools

The promise of ‘restorative justice’ starts to falter under rigorous research

Studies in Pittsburgh and Maine show difficulty of implementing trendy alternative to traditional discipline


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Is there a trade-off between racial diversity and academic excellence in gifted classrooms?

Researchers calculate what happens when you pick the brightest from each school

Gifted classes may not help talented students move ahead faster

Survey finds emphasis on developing "creativity" and "critical thinking" instead of acceleration above grade level

Wallace principal pipeline

Study finds that new principals can boost student achievement — with a little help

But uneven benefits raise questions on lessons learned from $85 million Wallace Foundation project