New evidence indicates that paying teachers bonuses raises student performance by a small amount

A comprehensive federal study sheds new light on how merit pay works — and doesn't work


Rival studies shed light on the merits of a Montessori education

Benefits seen at preschools in Hartford but not high schools in the Netherlands

Teachers often ask youngsters to learn in ways that exceed even adult-sized attention spans

Elementary school students were frequently "off task" in study of more than 50 classrooms

How New York City’s value-added model compares to what other districts, states are doing

New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott speaks at Teachers College. (Photo by Davin McHenry) New York City schools erupted in controversy last week when the…

The right to know what?

Each fall, thousands of runners descend on the Big Apple to run the New York City marathon. They’ve trained hard all year, and give their all on the course. Long…

Canadian two-year colleges show path to jobs

George Brown College TORONTO—At the University of Manitoba, where she enrolled after high school, it seemed to take Angela Conrad forever to satisfy her degree requirements…

‘Shut up and teach’: The high stakes of teacher voice

I remember the moment I stopped resenting the deduction in my paychecks that went to my union. It took me three years, and happened suddenly. Eric Shieh…


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As some schools plunge into technology, poor schools are left behind

A student works on her memoir in a computer lab at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute High School on Chicago’s South Side (Photo by Nick Pandolfo) CHICAGO – On…

Report: Miami district needs to improve teacher evaluations

Ponce de Leon Middle School math teacher Phyllis Bellinger talks instructs (left to right) Denis Pacheco, Isabel Canizares, Jamie Brown and Javier Martinez. (Al Diaz / Miami Herald…

How to measure teacher effectiveness fairly?

In the age of accountability, measuring teacher effectiveness has become king. But it’s not enough merely to measure effectiveness, according to many leading thinkers and policymakers; personnel…