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A student’s death leads a teacher to open a new kind of high school

Photo of Jonathan Johnson, founder of Rooted School When a bullet to the back took the life of one of his students, Jonathan Johnson was devastated and…

How meaningful is school choice in New Orleans, the city of charters?

Trenise Duvernaytalks to Miracle Lee, left, and Danny Dinet, center, as she teaches fourth grade math class at the Alice M. Harte Charter School in New Orleans. (AP…

What happens when a school is forced to move, and then move again

A number of New Orleans educators and parents are so passionate about education that they opened charter schools not knowing where they would be in a few years. Like some…

Teachers unions on the rise again in New Orleans, 10 years after charters pushed them out

Teachers sporting “proud to be charter and union” buttons filled almost every seat in Morris Jeff Community School’s library on Tuesday in anticipation of the New Orleans campus’ board of…

Billboards and celebrities: How charters vie for students in hyper competitive New Orleans

Several New Orleans principals admit attempting to select or exclude students

Andrew H. Wilson Charter School will open under new management this fall. Earlier this year the state school board decided the school needed a new charter operator.

Why Louisiana officials closed a struggling charter school while keeping a failing one open

Why close a 'C' school but keep open an 'F' school? Hint: It wasn’t the academics

How do you tell a kindergartener that his school is closing?

State to students at troubled charter: You have a week to find a new school

Want to know how decisions about Recovery District charters are made in New Orleans? Too bad

As part of the pruning that even charter supporters say is expected in a city full of dozens of charter schools, four schools in New Orleans recently have been closed…

An ambitious idea to connect students to the Internet at home, delayed by federal indecision

The ReNEW Schools charter-school network in New Orleans had a generous solution for its students without Internet access at their houses — take-home laptops equipped with a wireless broadband connection.…

Veteran teacher Erin Sears unpacks in her new classroom at Morris Jeff Community School.

Transient for years, New Orleans charter schools finally get a permanent home

A decade after Hurricane Katrina, schools finally settling down in permanent buildings