Black math scores lag the most in segregated schools

But study finds greatest black-white achievement gaps inside the typical school, not between black and white schools

Lower test scores for students who use computers often in school, 31-country study finds

In top-performing nations, teachers, not students, use technology

When “school choice” leads families to trade one bad school for another

Chicago study documents that fewer than 5 percent of students who transfer move to a high performing school

Small study shows high school music classes improve language skills

Neuroscience research showing that high school interventions for low-income students can be effective

Academic expectations around the country, in two maps

26 states were three or more grade levels behind the 8th-grade standards of New York, a Common Core state with the highest expectations

New York experience shows Common Core tests can come at a cost for underprivileged students

Low-income students, disabled students and English language learners show sharper declines than general population in Common Core high school algebra exam

Federal report finds scant scientific evidence for effectiveness of Head Start programs

Review of 90 studies found only one that met scientific muster, and it showed disappointing results


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Carnegie Mellon project revives failed inBloom dream to store and analyze student data

Privacy controversy to be dodged by not storing student names, addresses or social security numbers

Americans making under $30,000 can already send their children to college for free

Urban Institute report calls for targeting parents in welfare programs

Study calculates low-income, minority students get the worst teachers in Washington State

Labor economist proposes higher teacher salaries for tougher schools