The children of children who went to desegregated schools reap benefits, too, study finds

Two generations show better outcomes from integrated schools

The best school violence prevention program may start with raising test scores, study shows

Researchers find causal link between academic gains and safer schools

Data show segregation by income (not race) is what’s getting worse in schools

The intersection of poverty and race is producing larger and more alarming achievement gaps

Are science lecture classes sexist?

Researchers find women suffer bigger "grade penalties" than men in large science lecture classes

Cries about national teacher shortages might be overblown

Some places have shortages of teachers, others have surpluses

Grit under attack

Can Angela Duckworth's research results be replicated?

Better adult outcomes (not test scores) for charter school students, Florida research shows

In their mid-twenties, graduates of charter high schools in Florida earn more


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New therapies for ADHD: Buyer beware

Schools look to new research for therapies to help students who have ADHD

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“Deeper learning” continues to show higher high school graduation rates

But these high schools are much more effective for higher than lower income students