Community Colleges

Why community college leaders are skeptical about Obama’s free college plan

Is free community college a Sputnik moment?

Graduates line up for their procession before the Berkshire Community College commencement ceremony at Tanglewood in Lenox, Mass. on Friday, May 30, 2014.

How a state where community colleges have been an afterthought is turning that around

Community colleges in Massachusetts are at an historic turning point.

Location, location, location: Are top universities too far away from low-income high school graduates?

Community college students transfer to the closest four-year college, not the best

Rio Hondo College, a community college near Los Angeles.

Critics question Obama’s free community college idea

Students, experts pick apart the pros and cons of proposal meant to speed up degrees

Students are returning to for-profit colleges

For-profit colleges have figured how to woo younger students. Declining enrollment persists at public community college.

How many already attend community college for free?

Two-thirds of community college students seem poor enough to qualify for free tuition, but fewer than half get enough grants.

Long Beach City College in California. (Photo: Long Beach City College)

Want higher-ed reform? You may be surprised where you’ll find it

As a top student in high school, Amy Miramontes-Franco knew she was destined for college. But she surprised even herself when, for financial reasons and because she hadn’t yet decided…


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Competency catches on at community college

Competency-based education isn’t an experiment at Bellevue College near Seattle, writes Paul Bradley on Community College Week. The college’s first CBE program —…

Active learning helps first-gen students

Classes that require active learning — as opposed to listening to lectures — help first-generation and black students, according to a new…

They earned a degree and then …

College students don’t work very hard or learn very much, concluded Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa in their 2011 book, Academically Adrift. How did those students do when…