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Native American students

Graduation rate for Native students surges at the University of Minnesota

The percentage of Native students graduating from the U of M has doubled in the past decade

harvard prison divestment campaign

Should student protests try to change a campus or change society?

Unlike protesters at many universities, activists at Harvard seek social justice reforms beyond campus

Tennessee State University

At some HBCUs, enrollment rises from surprising applicants

After decades of declining enrollment, HBCUs are seeing an uptick in new applicants, especially among Latino and international students.

teaching climate change

With more students demanding action on climate change, teachers try to keep up

Most states and districts have adopted science standards that require teaching climate change. Teachers are left to get up to speed and help students understand the impacts.

historically underrepresented students

Flagship universities don’t reflect their state’s diversity

Across the country a gap persists between the number of black and Latino students graduating from state high schools, and the number enrolling in state flagship schools.