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Ronald Bracamontes, 8, Christian Zaragosa, 9, and Jocelyn Buenrostro, 9, teamed up to experiment with paper airplane designs during a summer school program at Romero-Cruz Elementary in Santa Ana Unified. The team conducted nine tests on three designs to see which one generated the smoothest landings.

Will ‘creative’ and ‘hands on’ summer school foster a love of learning?

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Nine-year-old Sarahy Lopez’s silvery singing voice washed over the audience as her Goldilocks declared “so sorry” and “please give me a break.” But her pleas were…

Louis VanderMolen Fundamental Elementary fourth-graders Jose Ramirez, left, and Andy Rodriguez read stories as part of a daily lesson. Students at the Corona-Norco Unified school use a program that delivers challenging fiction and non-fiction stories regardless of their reading level. Students advance by correctly answering quizzes after each story.

California’s new school funding system stumbles into its first year

One California educator compares keeping up with the rules in California’s historic new school funding system to a cat chasing a laser pointer’s beam – a shifting target always just…