Community Colleges

How to help students avoid the remedial ed trap

A new study highlights some promising reforms but also points out obstacles

We don’t know how many students in college aren’t ready for college. That matters

Experts say better data is needed to know if reforms are working

Most colleges enroll many students who aren’t prepared for higher education

At more than 200 campuses, more than half of incoming students must take remedial courses

Remedial classes are a huge stumbling block on the way to a degree. That’s why this community college doesn’t have them

Guttman Community College has an unusual approach to solving a ubiquitous problem

A bid to show which colleges are worth the money reveals some surprises

Latest “gainful-employment” data show problems are not limited to for-profit schools

As economy rebounds, state funding for higher education isn’t bouncing back

Unlike after previous recessions, public higher-education spending is stubbornly down

A solution as obvious as it is rare: Making high school graduates ready for college

A few states have started intervening in high school to help students avoid remediation


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Colleges send too many into remedial classes who don’t need it, growing body of research shows

Alaska study finds high school GPA a better predictor of ability to pass college English and math than placement exams or SAT scores

Policies to help students pay for college continue to shift toward favoring the rich

The surprising degree to which tax credits and financial aid flow to wealthier Americans

Education spending gap widens between college haves and have-nots since recession

Spending per student increases at major private and public universities, but declines at community colleges