AI in education

Reframing ed tech to save teachers time and reduce workloads

McKinsey report estimates that existing artificial intelligence applications can save teachers 13 hours a week

Teachers Pay Teachers

Most English lessons on Teachers Pay Teachers and other sites are ‘mediocre’ or ‘not worth using,’ study finds

Expert reviews of most popular high school English lessons find many shortcomings

male early childhood teachers

What is it like to be a male teacher in early ed?

Only 3 percent of early ed teachers are male. Here’s how to change that.

TEACHER VOICE: The black men who proved that a student like me could be a teacher like them

Three ways we can begin to reimagine, reinvent the U.S. teaching force

hate crimes

Educating our way to love is a lesson we sorely need

A teacher shows us how to prevent tragedy


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Aallyah Wright Solutions 2. Tony Young, center, former administrator in Coahoma County and current RISE instructor, helps students navigate math equations using their cell phone calculators during an evening RISE teacher certification cohort class at Coahoma Early College High School in late January.

A major test for would-be teachers will de-emphasize the more difficult math sections

Advocates say the change could help more potential teachers pass, helping schools fill vacancies in communities with shortages

teaching in New Orleans

For better student outcomes, hire more black teachers

Supporting teachers and communities will boost children’s academic achievement