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House Education Chair
Rep. Nancy Landry
109 S. College Road
Lafayette, LA 70503.

Dear Rep. Nancy Landry,

I am a student at Cohen College Prep High School, and I feel as though TOPS should be for low-income students. If their parents make more than $100,000 a year, parents should be able to pay their college funds. Also I think it depends on how many people are in your household, because the more people, the more money you have to spend. For example, I have five people who live in my household: Two are in elementary school, one is on the way to college, one did not finish college, and my mother is now a bus driver. My mother makes a good amount of money, but it’s not enough for my sisters and I to pay for college, and also my mother has to pay bills. As my sister and I go to college we both have to pay for our books, food, and if we want to live on campus, we have to pay for the dorm fee and college tuition. When you in your dorm room you will need things in your room, kitchen and your bathroom. As you add all that up together, that’s like one of your bills. Like it will be more than $100.

When it comes to TOPS for ACT scores, it shouldn’t depend on their score. If you give TOPS to any and everybody, it will not go far. As the state is lowering TOPS, that is making people drop out of college and also not even go to college. I feel like everyone with low income should be able to get TOPS, because it will be hard for them to even get the money for they books or just to go to school, point blank. I feel that the higher your ACT score, the more money you should be able to get. Instead of saying the only way you would get it is to have a 20 or higher composite score, because everybody is not fast like others when it comes to certain subjects. Everyone has their weaknesses and everyone has their strengths. I just feel that as long as they try they hardest they should get TOPS. For example, the highest I ever made was a 16 and I try really hard every time I take the ACT. I just feel that all state tests be very tricky, once the day gets here. I feel that if the state is going to give them out it should not really be for any high-income students. They should help others get where they are, or help them with they books or college classes.


Miya Thomas

Cohen College Prep High School

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