The largely poor and rural state of Mississippi suffers from the highest rate of childhood poverty in the country, along with some of the lowest scores on standardized tests. A legacy of racism and segregation are among the roadblocks that keep the children of Mississippi from reaching their full potential. See all our Special Reports

The biggest losers in the No Child Left Behind rewrite

Rural school districts and states with large, rural populations are poised to lose a disproportionate amount of funding and opportunities to innovate under a bill proposed by House Republicans, according…

At one Mississippi university, a free passport and maybe ticket to study abroad

Jasmine Harvey has always wanted to travel, but she never had the money to pay for a passport and study abroad. Now the Jackson State University senior plans to see…

Mississippi town still fighting desegregation

Fifty years later, epic school desegregation case remains unresolved

Did Mississippi’s poorest students just lose their chance for a quality education?

"This is a return to the days when schools were only funded for the affluent; poor and minority schools were neglected"

Q & A: Mississippi superintendent explains why he gave up his salary to help relieve ‘wretched conditions’ at his schools

Billy Joe Ferguson works full time as the superintendent of the Carroll County School District, but he’s paid just $18,000 a year, less than most first-year teachers in Mississippi. That’s because…

Indianola Academy: Indianola Academy in the Delta is one of nearly 200 private schools in Mississippi. Opponents of the proposed legislation say public funds should not be spent to send students to unregulated private schools.

Vouchers may be ticket out of public schools for kids with disabilities—but is that a good thing?

Mississippi may become the 14th school voucher state. Have voucher programs actually helped kids in other states?


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Mississippi House passes bill that keeps Common Core but changes name

JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi legislators passed with wide support a bill Thursday that proponents say will give the state more control over public education standards but even they admit it…

Laboratory equipment sits covered and unused in a Richton, Miss. high school during a 2013 tour. After years of underfunding, the district could not afford to buy the materials needed for laboratory experiments.

Have legislators thwarted a chance to bring funds to cash-strapped Mississippi schools?

Lawmakers delete language that would require state to fund "adequate and efficient school system"

Q & A with US Department of Education officials: States have an ‘obligation’ to better serve incarcerated youth with disabilities

Each year, thousands of children end up in the juvenile justice system, at least one-third of whom have a disability. These students become dependent on educators and resources at…