The largely poor and rural state of Mississippi suffers from the highest rate of childhood poverty in the country, along with some of the lowest scores on standardized tests. A legacy of racism and segregation are among the roadblocks that keep the children of Mississippi from reaching their full potential. See all our Special Reports

Mississippi accountability ratings gloomy for Jackson schools

Carey Wright, state superintendent of education, says Jackson Public Schools’ failing score indicates low proficiency on state examinations. Photo: Imani Khayyam JACKSON — For the first…

Children in the Richton School District, about 20 miles east of Hattiesburg, play on outdated playground equipment. Across Mississippi, educators say that years of underfunding have left them with inadequate facilities and few supplies. (Photo: Jackie Mader)

A controversial student funding system could replace Mississippi’s long-neglected spending formula

Here’s what a new way of allocating education money might mean for schools

Why you should care about what’s happening to Mississippi schoolchildren

Hechinger newsletter will look at challenges, solutions in Mississippi schools

Unmet Needs: Children with disabilities caught in the voucher crossfire

Parents can send their kids to a Mississippi private school -- if they can find one that offers special education

VIDEO: “Most teachers claim we can’t learn because we don’t have resources like books”

How segregation is lived today in the Mississippi Delta

What happens when two separate and unequal school districts merge?

Forced to consolidate, two school districts in rural Mississippi reimagine desegregation


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Federal grant aims to boost low-income test takers in Mississippi

State superintendent Dr. Carey Wright says the grant will help create equitable opportunities for students to earn college credit in high school. Photo: Imani Khayyam Mississippi…

Is Mississippi’s child care system backsliding?

Vital programs for vulnerable Mississippi children in limbo as state rushes to meet new federal rules

This futuristic afterschool program really works, so why is the funding being slashed?

A funding blunder in Mississippi endangers after school programs for some of its neediest children