The largely poor and rural state of Mississippi suffers from the highest rate of childhood poverty in the country, along with some of the lowest scores on standardized tests. A legacy of racism and segregation are among the roadblocks that keep the children of Mississippi from reaching their full potential. See all our Special Reports

Members of the parents group work on materials.

Parents in poor communities do care about their children’s schooling. Here’s how to get them involved

Sadie Daniels, the co-coordinator of the parents’ group in Greenwood, Miss., looks on as parents and other local leaders discuss their school improvement projects. Photo: Alan Richard…

K. Butler, right of Benton, Miss., and Lynn Wagner of Hickory, second from right, speak to school children from Meridian as they are guided past their Opponents of Common Core table in the rotunda of the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. The group is one of several statewide that are against a national standards Initiative that sets Math and English curriculum in every participating state at the same level. Various opposing groups lobby visiting school children, visitors and lawmakers into opposing the standards in Mississippi. Opponents have provided coffee, morning pastries and water several times during the session in an effort to promote a Senate bill that would repeal Common Core in Mississippi.

Mississippi legislature creates a new hurdle for Common Core standards

K. Butler, right of Benton, Miss., and Lynn Wagner of Hickory, second from right, speak to school children from Meridian as they are guided past their Opponents of…

Mississippi special education bill passes that opponents say will create “puppy mills for children”

A controversial bill that would use taxpayer funds to send students with disabilities to private schools advanced in the Mississippi legislature Wednesday. The bill would make Mississippi one of about…

In rural Mississippi, social studies gets a Common Core makeover

Fourth Grader Lakiya works on a writing assignment during social studies. Photo: Kayleigh Skinner This year marks the first time that all math and English teachers…

The 101 ways black fathers can teach all men to stay engaged with their children

What behaviors make for an ideal father when the nuclear family has been blown up like the Cosby Show? Fathering as a practice has never been tethered to a household…

At new Mississippi charter school, students will learn to speak computer

Students at Reimagine Prep in Jackson will learn a valuable skill during their first year, one no other school in the state requires students to study: coding. Coding is a…


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The biggest losers in the No Child Left Behind rewrite

Rural school districts and states with large, rural populations are poised to lose a disproportionate amount of funding and opportunities to innovate under a bill proposed by House Republicans, according…

At one Mississippi university, a free passport and maybe ticket to study abroad

Jasmine Harvey has always wanted to travel, but she never had the money to pay for a passport and study abroad. Now the Jackson State University senior plans to see…