New Orleans

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, officials dramatically remade the long-struggling education system in New Orleans, turning it into the nation’s first all charter-school system. Our stories will look at what’s working — and what’s not — in the nation’s largest, most ambitious experiment with school decentralization. See all our Special Reports

Put youth who break the law where they belong — in a great school

School and city officials surround family members of Travis “Trumpet Black” Hill at a dedication of the new school housed within a youth jail. Attendees included Ismail El-Shaakir,…

A New Orleans charter network has spent the last year making up teaching for special-ed students shorted two years ago

An investigation found that ReNEW SciTech Academy had inflated how much extra attention it would provide to certain students, and then didn’t provide the extra help to those who really needed it. The Louisiana education department made the charter network find those students and provide help

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What will happen to after-school programs in a Trump administration?

Providers need to make themselves heard to influence those decisions

Show me the data! Government restrictions hamper attempts to see how NOLA kids really fare

Andre Perry discusses the Data Center of New Orleans’ Youth Index. Here are some key recent findings about the youth of New Orleans during the last year:…

Youth aren’t props — they need an actual seat at the policy table

School discipline ranks high among concerns

We need more black people rooting for tech entrepreneurs, not just football players

America’s future is at stake if we keep excluding people of color from tech jobs


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Could a plan to improve early education be putting the squeeze on child care centers?

Louisiana educators wrestle over a big idea to overhaul the early years without harming private providers

Reform Democrats: Stop calling Trump names when you really support his policies

It’s one thing to disavow President-elect Donald Trump. It’s another to rally against his policies, which we assume will be what his nominee for Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos…

New Orleans high school turbocharges restorative justice

Program at the Net school throws teens on the edge a lifeline