Law and policy

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What may buoy Catholic schools plagued by declining enrollments could pose concerns for our larger democracy

Study: Potential earnings not a factor in high school students’ college choices

But researchers say wage prospects could have an impact if included with other information

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Here’s why the ruling in favor of Trinity Lutheran may not be a green light for vouchers

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College of the Atlantic’s president on institutional responsibility, teachable moments and the “we are still in” letter

A school district is building a DIY broadband network

Internet will be beamed into student homes on frequencies set aside for schools decades ago -- but mostly sold off to business since then

OPINION: Don’t let good news on summer Pell Grants distract from the Trump budget’s damaging higher-ed proposals

A slap in the face to millions of college students who sacrificed to build up a safety net

Does the education budget reveal a ‘DeVos Doctrine?’

The Hechinger team takes apart the proposed cuts and school choice expansion


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What good is new summer Pell money if students can’t use it?

Congress authorized year-round Pell grants, but the money’s unlikely to flow this summer

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Federal figures show the success rate for veterans at some schools is infinitesimal

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