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Sarah Carr

Sarah Carr is a contributing editor who also oversees the Teacher Project at Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. She has reported on battles over school vouchers, efforts to educate China’s massive population of migrant children, and the explosion of charter schools in New Orleans. Sarah is the author of Hope Against Hope, a nonfiction account of New Orleans schools post Hurricane-Katrina, which she reported as a Spencer Education Journalism fellow. Sarah has contributed to the Atlantic magazine, Slate, New Orleans public radio and numerous other media outlets, winning several national awards. She is a graduate of Williams College and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. Sarah attended the Nauset Regional School District in Massachusetts, and got her start in journalism interning at the Cape Cod Times newspaper. A local high school kicked her out for trying to cover a student protest rally her first day as an intern, and Sarah is grateful to the many schools since then that have let her stay.

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