Higher Education

Even as policymakers push to increase the proportion of Americans with degrees, university and college students and their families contend with ever-rising costs and debt, low success rates, and growing concern about equal access to a higher education. We cover the causes of these problems, and the innovations being tried to solve them.

Matthew Johnson speaks in his writing class.

Unusual new program seeks to cut urban crime by pushing gang members into college

Advocates say education can transform offenders — and the neighborhoods where they live

To un-muzzle upstart Negros, we need black-owned news media

Mainstream media generally reflects the views of the ruling class

Career advising

Some colleges start using their long winter breaks to help students plan for jobs

Instead of staying shut down for weeks, a few bring back students early for career advice

Angel Carter, a senior at Tulane University, leads the Green Wave Ambassadors, the tour guide group for the admissions office.

America’s colleges struggle to envision the future of diversity on campus

America’s colleges struggle to define, let alone achieve, diverse campuses in today’s identity-centric and socioeconomically divided climate

Adley Nyakora, a freshman at Minnesota State University, Mankato, plays Operation, while Cornelius Bright, Elijah Calderon-Pitchford, Aburrahman Guantai, and Jordan Headley look on.

Minnesota has a persistent higher-ed gap: Are new efforts making a difference?

Unless more residents get to and through college, the state won’t be able to fill jobs that require higher education

A registered nurse speaks with a new mother before her discharge from Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. The proportion of nurses with bachelor’s degrees is up from 44 percent to 57 percent since 2004, but still far short of the goal of reaching 80 percent by next year set by the Institute of Medicine to deal with the increasing complexity of healthcare.

10 years later, goal of getting more Americans through college is way behind schedule

Budget cuts, high tuition, public disillusion have slowed progress while employers struggle to find skilled workers


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OPINION: Engineering programs still exclude black students — 4 ways to change this

Inclusion in STEM is vital to our economy and success

Educational Opportunity Programs

How Educational Opportunity Programs graduate first-generation college students

A wildly successful boot camp combines tough academics, strict rules and minimal sleep

foster care and higher education

STUDENT VOICE: ‘I rarely had the chance to go to school while living with my biological parents’

Navigating the foster system, and using those skills to face the challenges of college