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Keith Murphy, recovery counselor, and Lisa Laitman, director of the Alcohol and Other Drug Assistance Program, speaking with a resident of the Rutgers University Recovery House.

A new challenge for colleges: opioid-addicted students

Driven by deaths or state pressure, institutions are opening “recovery houses”

When math lessons at a goat farm beat sitting behind a desk

Vermont hopes new work-based learning opportunities will engage students and stem youth exodus

Elycea Almodovar, a junior at Salem State University, right, walks on campus with her roommate, Sabrina Ornae, a junior. Almodovar was drawn to the school because of its diversity.

More Hispanics are going to college. The bad news? They’re still behind

But the proportion of Hispanics earning degrees lags the proportion of whites

One of the advertisements produced by the “You Can. Go Back” campaign in Indiana, among the several states trying to get college dropouts to finish their college educations.

States use direct mail, money, to get more of their residents back to college

Determined to channel older students toward degrees, policymakers struggle to reach them

Andrea Laminack, a female welder, talks to Nikki Bond, a prospective student, at an open house at West Georgia Technical College for women interested in vocational trades.

In spite of a growing shortage in male-dominated vocations, women still aren’t showing up

One group of prospective tradespeople is forgoing the highest-paying fields -- women