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social isolation

Helping kids who are feeling isolated and anxious after schools shut down

Experts suggest finding other ways to connect, including video conferences and even snail mail

global online academy

Global Online Academy connects teens around the world, broadening their perspectives

Through video calls, discussion boards and online study, students learn from each other as well as from the curriculum

genealogy research

Genealogy course takes high schoolers deep into their family histories

Students practice research and writing skills through project-based learning that is inherently personal

innovative learning

Innovative Learning: Letting high schoolers design the future of space food

Students also program drones to navigate obstacle courses, imagine genetically engineered bacteria to clean oceans

math tutoring

This math tutoring program gets ‘blockbuster’ results in high-poverty schools

In one year, ninth-graders learn two to three times as much math as their peers


Kids can learn biochemistry, too

The latest attempt to diversify STEM fields teaches elementary schoolers college-level material


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phenomenon based learning

The teacher’s role in “phenomenon-based learning”

Finland’s version of PBL requires teachers to strike a new balance in the classroom

technology in physical education

Ed tech can transform physical education classes, too

Middle schoolers in one PE class log video reflections and track their fitness progress online