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student loans

What happens when a borrower defaults on student loans

Defaulting on federal student loans can be as bad as it sounds

New evidence indicates that paying teachers bonuses raises student performance by a small amount

A comprehensive federal study sheds new light on how merit pay works — and doesn't work

Older cadets at Air Force Academy are a sign of the times in higher education

Running short of 18-year-olds, civilian colleges also need to recruit more older students

How New York City’s value-added model compares to what other districts, states are doing

New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott speaks at Teachers College. (Photo by Davin McHenry) New York City schools erupted in controversy last week when the…

Many college students could skip remedial classes, studies find

Even as policymakers struggle to reform remedial-education requirements blamed for derailing the aspirations of countless community-college students, two new studies suggest that many of those students would do fine without them.…

What the U.S. and Chinese school systems have in common: Inequality, segregation

Americans who visit Chinese schools quickly realize that many of our beliefs and assumptions about education hold little water in China: In the United States, our urban public schools…


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Q&A with Henan Cheng: What happens to migrant children in Chinese public schools?

The flood of China’s rural residents into cities has resulted in millions of migrants living illegally in urban areas where they are often denied basic social services, like education. In…

Can China successfully educate its future workforce?

Migrant students play during a mid-day break at Dexin School in Kunming, China. (Photo by Sarah Butrymowicz) KUNMING, China—With dirt streaking their faces and clothes, children shout…

When charter schools fail, what happens to the kids?

Terri Griffin made herself a promise when her youngest daughter was ready for kindergarten: the little girl would never set foot in an Akron public school. Griffin, an Akron jewelry…