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student loans

What happens when a borrower defaults on student loans

Defaulting on federal student loans can be as bad as it sounds

Older cadets at Air Force Academy are a sign of the times in higher education

Running short of 18-year-olds, civilian colleges also need to recruit more older students

Q&A with Henan Cheng: What happens to migrant children in Chinese public schools?

The flood of China’s rural residents into cities has resulted in millions of migrants living illegally in urban areas where they are often denied basic social services, like education. In…

Can China successfully educate its future workforce?

Migrant students play during a mid-day break at Dexin School in Kunming, China. (Photo by Sarah Butrymowicz) KUNMING, China—With dirt streaking their faces and clothes, children shout…

When charter schools fail, what happens to the kids?

Terri Griffin made herself a promise when her youngest daughter was ready for kindergarten: the little girl would never set foot in an Akron public school. Griffin, an Akron jewelry…

‘Shut up and teach’: The high stakes of teacher voice

I remember the moment I stopped resenting the deduction in my paychecks that went to my union. It took me three years, and happened suddenly. Eric Shieh…

As some schools plunge into technology, poor schools are left behind

A student works on her memoir in a computer lab at Bronzeville Scholastic Institute High School on Chicago's South Side (Photo by Nick Pandolfo) CHICAGO – On…


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Report: Miami district needs to improve teacher evaluations

Ponce de Leon Middle School math teacher Phyllis Bellinger talks instructs (left to right) Denis Pacheco, Isabel Canizares, Jamie Brown and Javier Martinez. (Al Diaz / Miami Herald…

U.S. education pressured by international comparisons

Americans learn a bit more every year about the strengths and shortcomings of the education systems in other countries, thanks to a steady raft of international test data, academic scholarship,…

How much does class size matter?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a recent speech to students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that in his ideal world, he’d get rid of half of…