Early Education

Providing children with the experiences they need to succeed in school before starting kindergarten is critical. But what should those experiences be? Who should pay for them? As parents, school leaders and policymakers struggle to answer these and other questions, we cover what’s working, and what’s not, in early education. See all our Special Reports

Preschool’s hidden value may be in combating poverty

Head Start may not boost school test scores, but researchers find long-term, multigenerational benefits

New research finds “Magic 8” preschool classroom practices

After a widely publicized 2015 study found inadequate quality in Tennessee preschools, Vanderbilt researcher Dale Farran decided to “do something about it”

OPINION: The case for investing in high-quality early learning

Breaking the cycle of poverty

Social isolation in schools erodes our sense of self and community

Teachers can — and should — reach out to lonely kids

Soon-to-be-kindergarteners Makilah Traylor (l.) and Kimber Runkle color in zebra worksheets highlighting the letter Z.

Cramming for Kindergarten

In places like Indiana, where just 3 percent of children attend state-funded preschool, kids cram for kindergarten during a few weeks in the summer

OPINION: We mustn’t make preschool less fun for the 4-year-olds who need more help

How to build academic skills without undermining children’s motivation to learn


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African-American boys who tell better stories as preschoolers may learn to read more quickly

African-American children tend to have stronger oral narrative skills in preschool, a new study says. For boys, that may pay dividends later on

OPINION: Kindergarten isn’t too early to educate at-risk children about Alzheimer’s

Brain science, prevention strategies for our youngest learners and their families

Even a child can see the hypocrisy in Trump’s environmental plan

There should be alignment between our federal policies and what we teach in school