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Peg Tyre is a journalist and author.

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Third-grade students at Sylvanie Williams College Prep elementary school read individually in class, on Jan. 16, 2015, in New Orleans. Fifty percent of the children here started the academic year below grade level in reading and math. The goal is to help them catch up and keep making progress. (Reproduction of this photo not permitted)

With Common Core tests, a lot at stake for first-year principal

Principal Krystal Hardy has dedicated herself to improving the culture and upping the test scores at a struggling New Orleans charter school. Her third-graders, for one, take 14 standardized tests, including Common Core ones, each year

New principal Krystal Hardy works in her office at Sylvanie Williams College Prep elementary school, on January 16, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Principal in the classroom: Can New Orleans school make it work?

When Krystal Hardy took the helm at a struggling charter school, she aimed to follow a new model for a principal – one who has an intense focus on helping teachers improve. Halfway through the school year, she assesses how it's worked.

Krystal Hardy, the new principal at Sylvanie Williams in New Orleans, waves good-bye to her students after a long day. (Photo: Peg Tyre)

Young and inexperienced, a new principal tries to turn around a New Orleans charter school

This story is the first in a year-long series following Krystal Hardy, a first-year principal trying to bring order and improve test scores at a struggling New Orleans charter school.…