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Will “school choice on steroids” get a boost under a Trump administration?

A policy that Betsy DeVos, a voucher and charter advocate, might favor as education secretary

School choice on steroids

New state programs allow students to opt out of their local public schools part time, taking classes online instead

New Mexico fights to get out of last place with aggressive policies that some educators worry could harm students

Dolores Ramos, 16, right, joins dozens of Highland High School students in Albuquerque, N.M., as students staged a walkout Monday March 2, 2015, to protest a new standardized…

How Common Core is killing the textbook

The adoption of the new Common Core standards was supposed to be a boon to the publishing industry; instead it may make textbooks obsolete

Getting kids online at home is key to closing the digital divide — and harder than you might think

KENT, WA — As students stream off the schools buses here, the typical end-of-day scene unfolds with a twist. Thrown over the kids’ shoulders are sleek black laptop bags with…

Charter school teacher Noelle King with son Colin, age eight months, outside KIPP SHINE Prep in Houston. (Photo: Rachel Monahan)

Charter schools, better known for ‘churn and burn,’ now try to keep teachers with mom-friendly policies

When second-grade teacher Noelle King arrived for work on a balmy September morning, the moon was still lighting up the gray-blue sky just before 7 a.m. While the early hour…