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Sara Neufeld

Sara Neufeld is a contributing editor. She was first assigned to the education beat in 2000 while interning at the San Jose Mercury News; her editors figured she couldn't mess up too badly since it was summer and schools were closed. But with a local superintendent under indictment, she found plenty to write about, and she's been at it ever since. She spent nearly a decade reporting for daily newspapers, including more than six years at The Baltimore Sun. At The Hechinger Report, her work has appeared in publications including The Atlantic, Slate, and The Philadelphia Inquirer. She spent nearly three years on "A Promise to Renew," a series about a struggling Newark school that has received numerous journalism awards. She holds a bachelor's degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and got her start working on The Trident at Amity Regional Senior High School in Woodbridge, Conn. As an intrepid 17-year-old editor, she once drove her grandmother's car into a flood while attempting to get photos developed and had to climb out through the sunroof. Today, Sara is also a yoga teacher, and she has experience teaching yoga to youth at risk. Her son is scheduled to begin kindergarten in New York City public schools in September 2019.

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