Guidance Gap

Counselors are key to helping students navigate school, apply to college and map out careers, but there’s a critical shortage of them in our nation’s schools. We look at how the school counseling crisis is affecting kids.

OPINION: ‘The poor kids need what the rich kids have’

A College Board official discusses inequities and how to address them

Rural students often go unnoticed by colleges. Can virtual counseling put them on the map?

In rural high schools, college guidance is often inadequate or non-existent. But new programs are popping up to help  

OPINION: The dangerous message in telling low-income students to skip college

Statistics fail to present the full picture

OPINION: Why the SAT ‘adversity score’ makes sense

Helping more students realize the American Dream

In Puerto Rico, the odds are against high school grads who want to go to college

One big obstacle: a university entrance exam few mainland admission offices accept

What do Philadelphia’s students want? More college counseling

Students in Philadelphia public schools say they aren’t getting enough support to stay on track for college and careers. Now they’re taking a stand to change that


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OPINION: We must close college counseling’s equity gap

Four topics of concern about advising and inequity in the wake of 'Operation Varsity Blues'

After all the fuss about getting in, how do poor students survive on elite campuses?

A new book details obstacles, from encountering closed cafeterias to cleaning clogged toilets

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'The students who need the most support receive the least'