Guidance Gap

Counselors are key to helping students navigate school, apply to college and map out careers, but there’s a critical shortage of them in our nation’s schools. We look at how the school counseling crisis is affecting kids.

OPINION: The need for more black school counselors, and four ways to get better information about HBCUs

If educators care about student success, they need to ensure students know that historically black colleges and universities are an option

Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

OPINION: Six lessons from Louisiana about helping students obtain federal aid for college

Why families benefit from mandatory FAFSA completion and support with forms

Student borrowers

OPINION: Let’s make the FAFSA required for a high-school diploma, to increase college enrollment — and more counselors wouldn’t hurt either

Easier forms, with more help in completing them, would reduce obstacles in federal student aid applications

OPINION: A boon for colleges and wealthy families, ‘early decision’ is unfair — and here to stay

Move by the National Association for College Admission Counseling makes elimination of binding agreements unlikely

College dreams often melt away in summer months. ‘Near-peer’ counseling is helping keep them alive.

Eight years in, a program that helps low-income students stay on track to college is spreading — and showing results

OPINION: School counselors must ‘move mountains’ to help undocumented students access U.S. higher education

A call for comprehensive immigration reform that would benefit students


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OPINION: ‘The poor kids need what the rich kids have’

A College Board official discusses inequities and how to address them

Rural students often go unnoticed by colleges. Can virtual counseling put them on the map?

In rural high schools, college guidance is often inadequate or non-existent. But new programs are popping up to help  

OPINION: The dangerous message in telling low-income students to skip college

Statistics fail to present the full picture