Higher education completion

small private colleges

As small private colleges keep closing, some are fighting back

The first step to a survival strategy: acknowledging that there’s a problem

federal student loan limits

Some experts have a new idea to help students afford college: more federal loans

Raising the limits could avoid indebting parents and forcing students to work while in school

With white students becoming a minority, public universities push harder to diversify

In Louisiana, a flagship university president argues the lack of black students on campus isn’t just a moral problem; it’s bad for the financial future of the university

OPINION: “They said I only got in because I ‘checked the black box’ ”

Five ways to join the fight for higher-education equity and help all students feel that they belong

After all the fuss about getting in, how do poor students survive on elite campuses?

A new book details obstacles, from encountering closed cafeterias to cleaning clogged toilets

Even at elite colleges lauded for their generosity, some students take on debt

And those from low-income backgrounds are more likely to have trouble paying it back

OPINION: ‘Free college’ fails to address racial and class gaps

Policy partnerships to make higher ed affordable for those with the most need


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Colleges start looking for ways to house and feed their students who are homeless

Often demanded by fellow students, small fixes chip away at a surprisingly big problem

Despite high costs, new poll shows most young adults think a four-year degree is worth it

Those most likely to suffer the burden of college debt believe it’s usually worth the investment

NACAC college fair

A big reason rural students never go to college: Colleges don’t recruit them

College recruiters who flock to suburban high schools seldom visit rural ones