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Should we stop making kids memorize times tables?

Stanford professor criticizes New York state's interpretation of Common Core math standards

Many college students could skip remedial classes, studies find

Even as policymakers struggle to reform remedial-education requirements blamed for derailing the aspirations of countless community-college students, two new studies suggest that many of those students would do fine without them.…

As Ohio moves to defund remedial courses, new models arise

Students at Kent State University (Photo by Sarah Butrymowicz) KENT, Ohio—As finals approached, nearly 240 students in a computer lab worked through basic algebra problems at Kent…

Q&A with David Drew: Broadening STEM education and debunking its myths

David Drew (photo by Nick Pandolfo) David Drew, a professor and former dean at Claremont Graduate University who has studied science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education…

Student profile: A technical education and a bright future

Soichiro Tsunakawa, 22, is a seventh-year student at the Tokyo National College of Technology. When he graduates next spring, he has a job waiting at Sony, where he…

Q&A with Motohisa Kaneko: Is America ready to invest more in technical education?

Motohisa Kaneko (Courtesy of Mr. Kaneko) As part of our coverage of international education, reporter Blaine Harden traveled to Japan recently to learn more about a five-year program…

We’re asking the wrong questions in the latest SAT cheating scandal

Chanthorn Peou of San Diego, Calif., takes the SAT aboard the USS Kitty Hawk (U.S. Navy photo by Jason T. Poplin) Is it really surprising that students…


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Educated nation?

The extraordinary gulf between science and education was on sharp display this week. The New York Times’ Schools for Tomorrow conference and NBC’s Education Nation took place within…

For community-college students who struggle with arithmetic, some solutions

Remedial math instructor Robert Fusco does basic division in front of a class. (Photo by Elizabeth Redden) PARAMUS, N.J. – Today’s lesson is how to add mixed…

U.S. math education is broken

If the United States is going to remain economically competitive and a leader in new technologies, the capacity of its high school and college graduates to do math must improve.…