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Beth Hawkins

Beth Hawkins is a former MinnPost education reporter. She is now a writer-in-residence at Education Post.

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Dennis Sykes, Michelle Ramos and Patrick Murphy attend Pritzker College Prep, a charter high school located in a blue-collar neighborhood in Chicago. CHICAGO — Seconds after principal…

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Samuel Casey Carter When education policymakers look at schools that get great results despite a concentration of poverty or other impediments, they often identify a strong culture…

Deliberate efforts help Minnesota’s private colleges create (and keep) diverse student body

At both the national and local levels, white high-school graduates are still much more likely to enroll in college — and to go on to graduate again — than minorities.…

Q&A: Tim King explains what works at Chicago’s all-boys Urban Prep

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‘Call Me MISTER Initiative’ succeeds in recruiting, developing black teachers

    Dr. Roy Jones (Photo courtesy MINNEAPOLIS – When Roy Jones set out to convince African-American boys that “teacher” was as hot…

Some big-city school districts experiment with merit pay for superintendent

Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson Bernadeia Johnson knows as well as anyone just how hard it is to accelerate learning in an urban school district. Before she took over…