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Alana Johnson, 18, uses a workbench vise during a construction class at Abraxas Continuation High School, in Poway, California. Johnson enrolled in an all- girls construction class at the school last year and has since completed three advanced mixed-gender construction courses.

Girls-only trade classes are spreading — and upending stereotypes

All-girls shop classes aim to empower girls, but risk running into the crosshairs of Title IX

Fifth-grader Camar Graves adjusts his Lego robot in a robotics class at Elm City College Prep, in New Haven, Connecticut.

Beyond ABCs: Can school give kids a lifelong love of learning?

A charter network tests a model of schooling that lets youngsters reinvent themselves through exploration

Will Common Core undermine an elite college-prep program’s goal of diversity?

Some educators say the Common Core tests spell doom for the students most in need of support; others say the international baccalaureate’s intensive college-prep curriculum will save the day

Candidate’s comment reopens controversy over whether college is worth the cost

Contention brings scrutiny to who does better in life — tradespeople or degree-holders

Senior Raiyan Nasim beams as the panel judging his portfolio defense at Los Angeles High School of the Arts gives him a passing grade.

Should high school students have to ‘defend’ their diploma like a Ph.D?

California’s new way of ranking school performance could open the door to portfolio assessments

Lupe Aragon, a parent of a fourth-grader at 20th Street Elementary, speaks to a group about Los Angeles Unified’s plan to overhaul the school.

Testing the power of the parent-trigger law

At one Los Angeles school, parents say they’ve made progress with the threat of the law behind them

Tenth graders discuss Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night in Jessica Frichtel’s language arts class. Group work is the norm at Kearny High School’s engineering program.

Can we really prepare kids for both college and career?

California’s answer is a resounding “Yes”

Students walk across campus at the University of Vermont on Monday, April 30, 2012 in Burlington, Vt.

How an oversupply of PhDs could threaten American science

Universities keep churning them out as cheap labor for labs, even though they face long odds of getting jobs

Carmen Quinonez, a teacher at a dropout program in Riverside County, Calif. called Come Back Kids, guides Quincey Bennett, 18, through an algebra problem. (Photo: Brenda Iasevoli)

Plenty of credits, no diploma

California's guidance counselor shortage means many kids end up with more credits than they need to graduate, just not the right ones

Parent activist Winter Hall talks about her daughter’s low-performing school at the Nov. 15 Parent Power convention in Los Angeles. (Photo: Parent Revolution)

Is this is what the next phase of the ‘parent trigger’ movement looks like?

The news earlier this month from the Los Angeles superintendent’s office was deceptively simple: “I remain committed to the community and expanded parent choice as it relates to the education…