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Rebecca Klein

Rebecca Klein is the education reporter at The Huffington Post.

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The Hankinses with their son David. A family court judge rejected the New York City Department of Education’s allegation that the couple had neglected their child by keeping him out of school and having “unrealistic expectations” for his education.

When schools use child protective services as a weapon against parents

Many school employees are legally obligated to report any suspicion of child abuse and neglect, but sometimes that authority is misused

Greg Cruey, a teacher at Southside K-8 school, greeting students in the morning.

Teachers are first responders to the opioid crisis

In some schools in McDowell County, W.Va., as many as 40 percent of kids don’t live with their parents

Tessa, 7, of Lafayette, Indiana, reads a book in her bright pink bedroom.

The opioid crisis took their parents, now foster kids left behind are being failed again

Teachers and school administrators are on the front lines of this crisis, but often aren't given the tools to help

Marjorie Guldan has been advocating for years for her daughter Rebecca, 14, who has an intellectual disability, to receive a more challenging education than the one she gets in her school system.

For students with disabilities, quality of education can depend on zip code

The law says these students deserve to learn. In some districts, parents say that's not happening.

Julie and Matthew high-five during a home-school lesson.

These students are finishing high school, but their degrees don’t help them go to college

For students with disabilities, completing high school does not always lead to greater opportunity.

A path out of trouble

How one state supports its teenagers while a neighboring state punishes them

Protecting or policing?

School-based police officers are paid to protect our kids. But sometimes they do more harm than good

Obama administration tries to smooth path back to school for jailed students

“It comes down to what the president has said many times before: Simply, some people make mistakes.”

School police have used electroshock weapons on at least 4 kids since August

They’ve used Tasers in at least 84 other incidents since 2011

Obama administration to schools: Stop using police to enforce rules

School-based police officers should mentor and support students, not push them into prison