Race and Equity

Over 50 years since the Civil Rights Era, there is perhaps no issue in American education more intractable or more painful than the persistent gaps in educational outcomes between black and brown students and their white peers. Racial disparities endure at every level of the system and are only compounded for boys. We will explore the root causes and look for solutions using research, data and on-the-ground reporting.

New T-shirts in the campus bookstore symbolize the University of Central Florida's identity as one of the state's Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

As more Latinos go to college, schools vie to become Hispanic-Serving Institutions

But Hispanic advocates say the federal label doesn’t always mean colleges prioritize Latinos

OPINION: Faculty diversity? ‘When the guy in the white coat isn’t white, or a guy, every time’

Ways that campuses can increase the number of teachers who look like their students

Fifth graders Davonayshia Hollis, left, and Denaya Rippey, review a group entrepreneurial project for a parent-approved music device, developed in a mentorship program, Thursday May 19, 2016, at Brooklyn's P.S. 307 in New York. Startups and established tech companies are providing a crash course in entrepreneurship, sending engineers and designers into public schools to mentor students.

Not enough students have mentors, and we must change that

Internship programs that pair students with employers can help bridge the gap

OPINION: Three ways to help students who switch schools midyear

Multiple district transfers can erode a student's achievement and confidence

LeMya Vaughn completes an activity on her kindergarten readiness program, UPSTART.

Experts call for an end to online preschool programs

Especially popular in rural areas, preschool programs may expose kids to ‘new risks,’ experts warn


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Ebony McGee, a Vanderbilt University associate professor who studies diversity in education, in her office at Vanderbilt’s Peabody College. McGee says black faculty at predominantly white institutions are either ignored or closely scrutinized. “They don’t want to stay in that toxic environment, so they leave.”

After colleges promised to increase it, hiring of black faculty declined

Data show the proportion of nonwhite faculty is far smaller than of nonwhite students

OPINION: Educators must prepare for the dismantling of affirmative action

Five things to think about while helping all students move forward, not backward

OPINION: Bullying is on the rise, survey shows. How did we get here?

The severe and lasting consequences for victims