ed tech testbeds

U.K. to test ‘ed tech testbeds’ in real classrooms

329 schools volunteer to be ed tech guinea pigs

How New York City’s value-added model compares to what other districts, states are doing

New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott speaks at Teachers College. (Photo by Davin McHenry) New York City schools erupted in controversy last week when the…

The right to know what?

Each fall, thousands of runners descend on the Big Apple to run the New York City marathon. They’ve trained hard all year, and give their all on the course. Long…

Many college students could skip remedial classes, studies find

Even as policymakers struggle to reform remedial-education requirements blamed for derailing the aspirations of countless community-college students, two new studies suggest that many of those students would do fine without them.…

How to measure teacher effectiveness fairly?

In the age of accountability, measuring teacher effectiveness has become king. But it’s not enough merely to measure effectiveness, according to many leading thinkers and policymakers; personnel…

As Ohio moves to defund remedial courses, new models arise

Students at Kent State University (Photo by Sarah Butrymowicz) KENT, Ohio—As finals approached, nearly 240 students in a computer lab worked through basic algebra problems at Kent…

Q&A with David Drew: Broadening STEM education and debunking its myths

David Drew (photo by Nick Pandolfo) David Drew, a professor and former dean at Claremont Graduate University who has studied science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education…


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How much does class size matter?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, in a recent speech to students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said that in his ideal world, he’d get rid of half of…

Throwing students at classrooms

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said last week that if it were up to him, he’d double class size and…

Charter-school enrollment: Two million students and counting

Students at Democracy Prep charter school in Harlem (Photo by Sarah Garland) The charter-school movement reached a milestone this week: Charter schools, which are publicly funded but…