School Leadership

School leadership is central to improving student outcomes, as recent research has shown. But it’s not about the school leader as drill sergeant, or the charismatic leader whose skill-set is impossible to replicate. Instead, it’s about a leader capable of creating conditions in which students and teachers can flourish. It’s about vision, instructional leadership and a strong school culture. Schools that make significant progress are often led by a principal whose role has been radically re-imagined. And while school leadership is essential, there also must be consistent, strong leadership at the district level.

Wallace principal pipeline

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Why school leadership matters

Central Falls High School When 93 teachers and staffers were fired from Rhode Island’s Central Falls High School in 2010, it fueled a nationwide debate over…

Leadership crisis: Issues of quality, not quantity?

PS 64 Manhattan Principal Marlon Hosang (Photo by Yuridia Peña/CSA) Training programs abound, but few do a first-rate job of preparing principals and superintendents for today’s challenges.…

What teachers want (in a principal)

Ask any teacher, rookie or veteran, what he or she most needs to succeed and the answer is likely to be fairly straightforward: a supportive but demanding principal. Profile: Public…

New expectations place tough demands on principals

  Bronx Center for Science and Math Principal Edward Tom (Photo by Yuridia Peña/CSA) Today’s school leaders must guide instruction, manage campuses and deal with parents and…


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