U.S. schools have more computers than ever. But what are they doing with all that (expensive) technology?

A show-stopping school of innovation today can quickly devolve into tomorrow’s has-been. Keeping track of who’s doing what in the diverse field of blended learning, which mixes online and in-person…

‘The first time I got shot, I was in fifth grade’

Tommie Mabry, who was kicked out of Whitten Prep, told young men there to let music like that of Lil Boosie be the “passion of your ear, not…

Enrollment in online courses rises, but their importance to academic chiefs wanes

Rise in online learning shifts from private for-profit to private nonprofit schools

Data on teacher prep grads will soon lead to consequences for some programs

More states tying teacher data back to teacher preparation, report says

Volunteer ‘Pushy Moms’ help community college students transfer to four-year schools

They’re veterans of the application process and passing on hard-won wisdom

High turnover and low pay for employees may undermine state’s child care system

This article is the third in a series investigating the child care system in Mississippi. PEARL, Miss. — When Claudia Sears posted an ad on Craigslist for a new employee…


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Mississippi official proposes ways to reach students who chronically skip school

Poverty is a primary driver of chronic school absenteeism, Mississippi’s state superintendent of education said yesterday, while calling for “proactive” ways to reverse the problem, which leads to lower test…

The devastating impact in the state that’s cut higher education the most

In Louisiana, despite deep cuts, scholarships go mostly to wealthier, white students

California faces a dire teacher shortage. Should other states worry, too?

Report suggests that California expand routes to the classroom to fill positions