Kathy Tran, a Vietnamese-American UC Berkeley sophomore, and Giao Tran, a Vietnamese-American senior.

How one little-known minority group illustrates a looming problem for colleges

As demographics shift, higher education copes with new kinds of students

Where are all the women in engineering?

Middle school students from Young Women’s Prep learn to drive a remote controlled rover during a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) workshop at Space Center Houston, Tuesday,…

In this April 30, 2015 photo, students line up to take part in new Common Core-aligned standardized tests at the Cuyama Valley High School in New Cuyama, Calif. The Cuyama Joint Unified School District is 60 miles from the nearest city and has Internet connections about one-tenth the minimum speed recommended for the modern U.S. classroom. Across the country, school districts in rural areas and other pockets with low bandwidth are confronting a difficult task of administering new Common Core-aligned standardized tests to students online.

Are new Common Core tests really better than the old multiple-choice tests?

Experts say new open-ended questions that tap critical thinking provide a marked improvement

How some high schools are closing the income gap among graduates

As a high school diploma increasingly becomes the pre-requisite to landing a well-paying job, a report released last week shows rising graduation rates, but pockets of persistent inequality. A…

Would tongue magnets be top of mind when listing education technology trends?

  Photo: Kike Calvo via AP Images A conversation about education technology trends does not typically include the phrase “tongue magnets.”…

Students, teachers sue for mental health services in Compton, Calif.

Students and teachers in Compton, Calif. filed a class-action lawsuit against their school district Monday for not addressing issues of childhood trauma they claim are covered under the Americans with…

Can you steal an education?

Wealthy school districts are cracking down on “education thieves”


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High School students at the American Indian Model Schools work in small classrooms at desks piled high with Advanced Placement textbooks.

Can a California charter chain ditch tough discipline and retain its high ranking?

Leaders of the American Indian Model Schools say they are moving past their controversial past

At Quitman Street Renew School in Newark, Principal Erskine Glover faces the ongoing challenge of keeping the right teachers in place.

Does anyone have the answers on school turnarounds?

At Quitman Street Renew School in Newark, Principal Erskine Glover faces the ongoing challenge of keeping the right teachers in place. Photo: Amanda Brown/NJ Spotlight Forty…

McComb Superintendent Cederick Ellis untangles a student’s medal from his beaded necklace. Ellis honored students who maintained an A average for three consecutive grading periods.

McComb educators savor small victories while wondering: Where have all the black boys gone?

Black boys are missing in graduation pictures in Mississippi