What happens when a school is forced to move, and then move again

A number of New Orleans educators and parents are so passionate about education that they opened charter schools not knowing where they would be in a few years. Like some…

Are the Common Core tests turning out to be a big success or a resounding failure?

Will the Common Core survive technical issues and the opt out movement?

In this Wednesday, June 19, 2013 photo, instructor Melissa Andrews, left, cheers on camper Roger McKee, 9, for finishing a video game while at an iD Tech Camp at the Emory University campus, in Atlanta. So-called coding camps for kids are becoming more popular amid a growing effort to expand access to computer programming and inspire more youths to seek computer science degrees and later careers in technology.

What if they made learning – gasp! – fun?

As schools invest more money and time on high-tech tools, a new book offers a roadmap for how digital games can change teaching and learning

Why community college leaders are skeptical about Obama’s free college plan

Is free community college a Sputnik moment?

Community colleges raise alarm on graduation pledge

They say budget cuts, enrollment declines could slow number of grads they produce

College “bait and switch”

Financial aid often declines after freshman year. Little-known practice threatens graduation rates, raises debt, say experts

Rising tuition means falling diversity on campus

Diversity is falling at public four-year universities as tuition keeps rising, according to new research. A $1,000 tuition increase in full-time, undergraduate tuition lowers campus racial and ethnic diversity by…


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Malachi Zeitner, who received a scholarship for caddying.

Wealthier students more likely than poor to get private scholarships

Federal figures also show that whites have better odds of getting grants

Senate bill proposes a new education technology program in No Child Left Behind, with teacher training a priority

Legislation headed for debate on the U.S. Senate floor would create a new program to provide the nation’s schools with more money for technology and for training to make the…

A conference in Arizona emerges as a power-player in education technology

Pop quiz: Define equity. That question, posed to an educator, will probably spark a conversation about the uneven learning outcomes for disadvantaged students. But the word ‘equity’ means something very…