For-Profit Colleges

For-profit institutions have come under fire for saddling students with too much debt and not enough job options, even as enrollment has nearly tripled to 1.8 million since 2000. New federal regulations are aimed squarely at the booming businesses, threatening to cut off student aid if too many graduates default on their loans. See all our Special Reports

States crack down on for-profit universities

When Hannah Benbow ran into problems with the for-profit college she attended, she turned to the federal government for help. Benbow, 24, wrote to the U.S. Department of Education when…

For-profit Career Education Corp. to close 23 campuses after enrollment plummets

California Watch For-profit college giant Career Education Corp. announced that it will close 23 of its 90 campuses and eliminate 900 jobs after the company reported a net…

Senate report finds large cost gap between for-profit, public colleges

California Watch Among the findings of a U.S. Senate committee’s recently released investigation of the nation’s for-profit college industry is a stark assessment of the huge gap between what it…

For-profit colleges pumping campaign money to foes of regulation

For-profit colleges and universities and their industry association gave at least $694,829 to political candidates through May 31, much of it to members of Congress who oppose greater regulation of…

More students defaulting on college loans

Another sign of America’s struggling economy revealed itself yesterday when the U.S. Department of Education released figures indicating that the percentage of people defaulting on college loans rose from…

For-profit universities: By the numbers

Just how well do students who attend five of the largest, most well-known for-profit schools in the U.S. do when it comes to repaying their loans?

A compromise on ‘gainful employment’

Compromises tend to please nobody:  Critics of for-profit higher education say the Education Department’s “gainful employment” rule, announced yesterday,  is too weak, while the industry complains it unfairly…


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For-profit regulations released, reactions mixed

The Department of Education released its long-anticipated regulations for for-profit colleges Thursday. By 2015, if fewer than 35 percent of graduates of a school are repaying the principal on…

For-profit colleges try to improve grad rates, hoping for Republican support

Fast-growing for-profit colleges, under fire for saddling students with unmanageable debt, are rolling out new policies aimed at raising graduation rates while also hoping a Republican-controlled House will block unfavorable…

Amid budget cuts and overcrowding at community colleges, for-profit institutions seek a niche

Community colleges – typically the country’s cheapest option for higher education – face a new and unlikely rival: the fast-growing industry of for-profit colleges. American River College…