Teacher Preparation

Teacher training programs are facing profound challenges. Enrollment in traditional programs is down while alternative routes to the classroom proliferate. Amidst a growing call for raising the quality of the U.S. teaching force, The Hechinger Report is examining whether teachers are being adequately prepared. See all our Special Reports

Lori Smith (left) and Heather Hobbs (right), two teacher leaders in the Kingsport City Schools district, participate in a Common Core training session in Kingsport, Tenn.

Game Changer: When teachers prove they can teach all kinds of students

Performance-based assessments can help end racial bias, two experts explain why

On a classroom-based test for new teachers, black teachers score lower

A new report shows gap on the edTPA and researchers want to find out why

New Orleans’ uphill battle for more black and homegrown teachers

Kristi Walton works with a student. Photo: Courtesy of Firstline This story is part of a series looking at a shortage of black and Hispanic teachers and…

Many Hispanic students never have a teacher who looks like them

A program in Tennessee is trying to change that

To increase teacher diversity, ignore selectivity of teacher education programs?

Federal government says it will focus on outcomes instead; critic says it’s an insult to black and Latino teachers

Five reasons teacher residencies often outperform traditional training

Giving student instructors the tools they need to succeed


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How do we stop the exodus of minority teachers?

New report suggests working conditions largely to blame for high turnover

9/11 is now a history lesson for most school kids

In a New Jersey school district, the way teachers talk about 9/11 in the classroom is changing