teaching the scientific method

A study on teaching critical thinking in science

Teaching the scientific method yields large learning gains but not as a standalone unit

OPINION: Marching band sets the right tempo for many special-needs kids

Exercise, dance, music, rigor — and healing

struggling readers

The game that can spot preschoolers at risk for reading deficits

New screening app can identify struggling readers as early as preschool

No son, war is not necessary

We need to talk to our children about how to interpret what they hear in the news

STUDENT VOICE: Black boys need the guidance and mentorship of black male teachers

Why do black men comprise just 2 percent of the U.S. teaching force?


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Charter school parent

OPINION: Democratic candidates must learn more about the public charter schools that have been a ‘game changer’ for many families in her city, parent-advocate says

'I wish the Democratic presidential candidates would think about kids in cities like Newark before issuing policy proposals that would cripple the schools that so many parents depend on'

Backpacks hang from the wall in a New Orleans school.

OPINION: What if students returned to the same teachers the next year?

How and why 'looping' works to overcome adverse childhood experiences

education research stories

10 of the most popular stories about education research in 2019

Debunking critical thinking, 'grit' and what goes on in gifted classes