Liberal Arts

Liberal arts face uncertain future at nation’s universities

Programs are being cut to make way for degrees with “clear career pathways.”

OPINION: Defending the liberal arts: How my students took the higher-learning plunge, from the banks of the St. Lawrence

Students at St. Lawrence University explore the terrain. Photo: St. Lawrence University/Tara Freeman I watched my students wade hundreds of yards into the St. Lawrence River…

Liberal arts-STEM mashup: Not a bad way to fix higher ed

A class at Bronx Community College. Photo: Ryan Brenzier Is college worth it? There is a powerful anxiety over this basic premise as higher education faces…

Advocates for arts education may be doing more harm than good

Who’s the Grinch who stole arts education? While the nation’s education crisis is stuck on spin cycle, time and again we hear stories of the curative power of arts education.…

Winning the battle of leadership at Gettysburg

Alumni representative, James Zarrella, of Gettysburg College sets up for college night at Chambersburg Area Senior High School in Chambersburg, Pa. on October 21, 2014. Photo: Ryan…

Debunked: $1 trillion in student debt and other myths about the liberal arts

At a time when critics question the value of a college education, a degree in the liberal arts is under more scrutiny than ever before. The study of history, literature,…


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How liberal arts offer the very ‘workplace skills’ critics demand

The Association of American Colleges and Universities recently released the findings of a Hart Research Associates survey that provides useful data for the ongoing national discussion about whether higher education…

Ralph Kuncl

What would Thomas Jefferson say? The mind and heart of the new liberal arts

In a statement that may sound similar to today’s media rhetoric, 93 years ago Thomas Edison publicly shared the opinion that a college degree is useless. Albert Einstein brilliantly retorted,…

Hunter R. Rawlings III

On the offense for the liberal arts

I am as tired of reading “defenses” of the liberal arts as I am of reading assaults upon them. To me, a liberal arts education needs no defending since the…