High turnover and low pay for employees may undermine state’s child care system

This article is the third in a series investigating the child care system in Mississippi. PEARL, Miss. — When Claudia Sears posted an ad on Craigslist for a new employee…

Culture of blaming black folk keeps us from aiming at real sources of violence

Root causes are ignored amid devalued black and brown worth

Mississippi official proposes ways to reach students who chronically skip school

Poverty is a primary driver of chronic school absenteeism, Mississippi’s state superintendent of education said yesterday, while calling for “proactive” ways to reverse the problem, which leads to lower test…

Ready for Day One? Maybe not: What two new reports show about teacher preparation

  Is it possible to ensure that all teachers are effective from the first day they walk into the classroom to work?…

California faces a dire teacher shortage. Should other states worry, too?

Report suggests that California expand routes to the classroom to fill positions

A proposal from the White House: $4 billion for computer science education for every K-12 student

The White House wants to bring computer science to every student, and this past weekend President Obama proposed spending more than $4 billion on a new federal program to make…

Nolan Young, 3, front, looks at a smart phone while his brother Jameson, right, 4, looks at a smart tablet at their home, in Boston.

Many low-income families get on the Internet with smartphones or tablets. That matters. Here’s why

A new report examines how poor families with children use the Internet


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Lack of quality schools will doom common enrollment in Louisiana

The ratings that preserve the status quo