Schools in the poorest state become even poorer

Can Mississippi schools get ahead after a new round of budget cuts?

When it comes to student achievement, facilities matter

JACKSON — Yazoo County School District Superintendent Becky Fischer said the lights in the high school in her district were so old, they could not even find bulbs for them…

Tech for tots and teachers: promoting STEM learning in preK-3 classrooms

Toy building blocks aren’t an unusual sight in a preschool classroom. But teachers aren’t typically using them in a physics lesson about force and gravity with their four-year-olds. That’s largely…

This may be the best way to train teachers – and yes, we can afford it

A recent story featured in The Hechinger Report said the residency model may be the best way to train new teachers – and that it may be too expensive.

Immigration can redeem education reformers’ progressive credentials

Immigration policy is to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton what health care was to President Obama. Democratic education reformers should act accordingly and prepare to lose some “friends” in…

Is it better to teach pure math instead of applied math?

OECD study of 64 countries and regions finds significant rich-poor divide on math instruction

Is Estonia the new Finland?

With a focus on equity, Estonia has quietly joined ranks of the global education elite


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Students share human-centered designs at Emoti-Con technology showcase

Ideas — and beach balls — were flying as students at the New York Emoti-Con event kicked off the day with an exercise in low-tech problem solving: use…

A haircut won’t end gun access, poverty or under-resourced schools. But let’s admit it comforts a desperate parent

Dennis’ Barber Shop in New Orleans. Photo: Tabitha Bethune “I see my child about to die every day.” That’s what one despondent mother told me when…