Lori Smith (left) and Heather Hobbs (right), two teacher leaders in the Kingsport City Schools district, participate in a Common Core training session in Kingsport, Tenn.

Why don’t more teachers like the edTPA?

Two studies give an on-the-job teaching test mixed reviews

In Texas, new math standards look a whole lot like Common Core

A national trend to overhaul math touches classrooms even in a place where Common Core is illegal

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As New York City expands pre-K, one program in a high-poverty area is outshining its counterparts

The first year of teaching doesn’t have to feel like a fraternity hazing

How prep programs can support those who want to immediately lead their classrooms

What it’s like to be a transgender student in Mississippi

A state refuses to comply with Obama's new rules protecting transgender kids in schools; here's what it felt like to be one of those kids

Organic adoption of one classroom technology leads to a seamless way to share other ideas

When Jessica Schon decided to start using a new method for managing classroom behaviors, no one in the district had told her to do it. Instead, Schon started using a…

My son has Asperger’s and wants to attend a rigorous college— why shouldn’t he?

The system is not set up for kids who have both an intellectual disability and a sharp intellect


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A high school graduate raises his diploma in celebration as he walks back to his seat during a commencement ceremony Wednesday, June 10, 2015, in Pittston, Pa.

Exclude Louisiana’s poorest students from scholarships? Stop kicking that can down the road

Helping the poor move into the middle class is the long-term solution

The children of children who went to desegregated schools reap benefits, too, study finds

Two generations show better outcomes from integrated schools

Closing gap for immigrant students under Common Core in Kentucky is a moving target

Louisville spends more to help a growing population