Worried Common Core is pushing fiction out?

This veteran teacher says he’s found a solution

Indianola Academy: Indianola Academy in the Delta is one of nearly 200 private schools in Mississippi. Opponents of the proposed legislation say public funds should not be spent to send students to unregulated private schools.

Vouchers may be ticket out of public schools for kids with disabilities—but is that a good thing?

Mississippi may become the 14th school voucher state. Have voucher programs actually helped kids in other states?

Doctors offer a prescription for early literacy

OAKLAND, Calif. — Doctors are the newest group of proselytizers to join the national Too Small to Fail campaign encouraging parents to talk, read, and sing to their infants…

Gov. Cuomo’s wrong diagnosis, wrong treatment for New York schools

Many of us have spent more time in hospital emergency rooms than we’d like. The one nearest to where I live serves part of Harlem, and I’ve seen people arrive…

At last, the Orleans Parish School District has a new superintendent – Now what?

The experts weigh in on Lewis’s near and long-term priorities

Debunking one myth about U.S. teachers

Back in 2010, McKinsey & Company issued a report that made a powerful argument: the world’s top performing school systems draw teachers from the best and brightest in…


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Mark Trahan and Gabrielle Abate at work in Sally Meredith’s class.

Can schools create gifted students?

One Louisiana district is giving extra support to “high potential” minority students to ace IQ tests

Mississippi House passes bill that keeps Common Core but changes name

JACKSON, Miss. – Mississippi legislators passed with wide support a bill Thursday that proponents say will give the state more control over public education standards but even they admit it…

Preparing for the future: Summits to help schools make smart technology choices

As more schools move to incorporate technology into classrooms, local leaders often face tough questions about how to make it effective. Over the next six months, national experts will hop-scotch…