Election 2016

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Failing to get Hispanics to and through college will lower incomes for all, according to growing body of knowledge

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The latest threat to public education? Grizzly bears.

OPINION: In charter-school oversight, as in foreign affairs: Trust, but verify

Will Betsy DeVos expand access to charters and private schools, shifting public money to private and quasi-private sectors?

Schoolchildren “have a lot of questions and a lot of fear” in aftermath of Trump victory

Teachers rush to reassure students put on edge by President-elect Trump

How can education reform the minds of Trump voters?

America is no more racist, sexist and nationalist than it was a day before the GOP victory

OPINION: After shocking election, New York history teacher tries to alleviate ‘despair, anxiety or indignation’

Dealing with the fact that there are a lot of people in the world who think differently than you do is an important part of the work of becoming an adult


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Educators ponder meaning of a Trump presidency: Plea for “the vulnerable and the bullied”

Many of those who are reacting to his presidency say more is unknown about what’s next than is known

California voters overturn English-only instruction law

Multilingual Education Act passes and revives bilingual education in one of nation's most diverse states